Book Review – Compared to her…. Sophie de Witt (reviewed by Jenny Chant)

Compared to her…. By Sophie de Witt

“..although I don’t know you,” says Sophie de Witt, “I’m fairly sure that you have CCS. That’s not meant  to sound rude.  It’s just that I’ve rarely met a woman who doesn’t struggle with it.”

CCS – Compulsive Comparison Syndrome – will be a familiar concept to us all. It’s comparing ourselves to others as a measure of our own self-worth and significance. We do this every day, in all situations, consciously and unconsciously and, as de Witt shows us, we can only “lose” or “win”. Either we find ourselves looking up to others prompting feelings of envy, bitterness, guilt and insecurity; or we mentally decide we come off better which can result in pride, arrogance, feelings of entitlement and insecurity.  Either way, the effects are harmful to both ourselves and others and, most seriously, to our relationship with God. (more…)

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Book review “A Call to Spiritual Reformation” by D. A. Carson

Whether you’ve read this book or not, if you have been involved in Evangelical circles for any length of time you will at some point have come across something of its influence. Carson’s writing is not worth acclaiming though, firstly, because he’s just a man and secondly, because the book’s greatness is based on his deep understanding and focus on Scripture (so to praise his writing and not praise the Bible that he’s got all his good ideas from would be missing the point). Of course, this is the best compliment the book can have. It is a robust, and clear, detailed discussion of key Bible texts, seeking to make them applicable to all of our lives – with the aim of causing a radical change in the lives and prayers of us as church today.

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