Pray and ask God to help you to understand the passage.
Read the passage (preferably a few times).
Break the passage down into subsections and give each subsection a heading.
How does this passage link with the previous study?
List all the imperatives in this study.
What is the basis in which we draw near to God? What is the curtain in 10:20?
What is the manner in which we draw near to God?
How do we hold on to our hope?
How does verse 24 link with verse 25?
Try to summarise the passage in one sentence.
What does drawing near to God look like? Why is this such a big deal?
What does holding on to your hope look like?
How do you encourage other Christians to love and good deeds?
Picture what your life will look like if you did all these things.
Pray and ask for God’s help in responding to his words.