Pray and ask God to help you to understand the passage.
Read the passage (preferably a few times).
Break the passage down into subsections and give each subsection a heading.
How does this passage link with the previous study?
What do you think verse 26 means? Have a look at Numbers 15:27-31. Does that help?
What is the consequence for such a person of 10:26?
What does God’s judgement look like?
Where does the example of 10:28 come from? Why is this such a big deal in the old testatment?
What is the issue of 10:29?
What does 10:30-31 add? Look back at the quote of Deuteronomy to help you with your answer.
Try to summarise the passage in one sentence.
Who is this warning meant for?
What is the problem with the one who could fall in this category?
How would your life be different if you took this warning seriously?
Pray and ask for God’s help in responding to his words.