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Pray and ask God to help you to understand the passage.
Read the passage (preferably a few times).
Break the passage down into subsections and give each subsection a heading.
How does this passage link with the previous study?
What imagery does the author use in this passage? 
What are the imperatives of 12:1 and 12:2? What does that look like?
How does verse 4 link with verses 1-3? How hard is fighting sin for you?
Why are verses 5-9 an encouragement for us if we are struggling against sin? What is your attitude towards discipline?
What is the point of discipline according to verses 10-11?
What does verses 12-131 add?
Try to summarise the passage in one sentence.
Who is this warning meant for?
How does Jesus’ example help you with fighting sin?
At your current trajectory, how confident are you of finishing the race? What would you do to improve your chances of finishing the race?
Pray and ask for God’s help in responding to his words.