Pray and ask for God’s help in understanding his word. Read the passage a couple of times.

Divide the passage into smaller sections, giving each one a

summary of the section.

  • How does this study link with the passage from last week?
  • What is Jesus claiming in 15:1? What does that mean? You might want to look up: Isaiah 5:1-7 and Psalm 80:8-16 to help you. How do these verses help you to understand 15:1?
  • What do verses 3-6 add to the argument? How are we linked to Jesus? Reflect on this for a moment and ask yourself, what this implies. What is the mark of a true branch?
  • What do verses 7-8 add? How will we bring glory to God?
  • Look at verses 15:9-17. How do we remain in Jesus’ love? What are the benefits of remaining in his love?
  • For many of us, when we think of obeying Jesus’ commands, we often feel a sense of duty but not of joy. Jesus in 15:11 insists that by obeying the Father’s commands, gives him joy. Why do you think that is? How does knowing this give you joy when you obey Jesus’ commands?
  • What is the relationship change that takes place in 15:14-15? How can we be his friend?

Summarise the passage.

  • How seriously do we take Jesus’ commands? Do we obey them?
  • Do you value the preciousness of your relationship with Jesus? Is there anything else in this world that you value more? What things fill your mind and your time? How can you change your priority to Jesus and his words?
  • What does bearing fruit look like practically?

Pray and ask God to help you be obedient to his commands.