July 2012

Helen Barclay – Tearfund, Haiti

  • Pray for wisdom and guidance as she applies for jobs
  • For rest and relaxation in her daily life and also in her upcoming holiday in Canada
  • For spiritual discipline and that she will keep close to God in a spiritually oppressive country
  • There is tension in the office so pray for the team in particular the management and wisdom in decision making and strength in trying circumstances

Ruth Schroeter – Moore College, Sydney

  • Pray that exams have been passed!
  • For a study she is doing in September on the Psalms
  • For energy and good planning next semester so she doesn’t get run down again
  • Give thanks for good friends, offers of support for next year and for her ministry job

Peter and Claire-Lise Judkins, Good News Hospital, Madagascar

See full update in their newsletter here: Judkins Journey July ’12

  • As a new intake into the school of Nursing takes place, pray for Godly workers who continue to follow the gospel vision of the hospital
  • For upcoming training at the hospital that they will be providing
  • For the possibility of them being able to start a midwifery training course
  • Give thanks for the recent nurses that have graduated, for opportunities to train the staff professionally and in godliness and for the local children’s club which has been able to share the gospel

Tim and Georgie Vallance-Webb, Mission Aviation Fellowship, N. Australian Territories

  • Give thanks that they are expecting another baby in November, pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy
  • Prayer for wisdom as Tim balances a heavy flying schedule, family life, outreach commitments and fatigue
  • That relationships would continue to grow with the local people

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