Pray and ask God for wisdom in understanding his word.

Read the passage a couple of times.

  • Divide the passage and give each section a heading.
  • What have we learnt about God’s mercy (verse 1) in Romans so far?
  • What does it mean to offer your bodies as living sacrifices?
  • What do these verses teach us about worship?  What does this look like practically?
  • How are our minds to be transformed?
  • How are we to think of ourselves? Why is this important?
  • What is the point about having different gifts (verse 4-9)? What should we do with our gifts?
  • How does the behaviour of verses 12:9-21 compare with the way you behave?
  • Summarise the passage in your own words.
  • What do you find most challenging from a practical perspective?

Pray and ask God to help you have the right attitude and a desire to do what is good and right in his sight.