Pray and ask God to help you to understand the passage.

Read the passage (preferably a few times).

Break the passage down into subsections and give each subsection a heading.

How does this passage link with the previous study?

What is the big issue that the author wants to focus on in this study? In the light of the previous study, why do you think the author wants to spend time looking at this here?

What is the set up of the tabernacle? What is the significance of the two rooms?

Why does he pick these specific things to look at in the tabernacle?

What is the focus of 9:6-7? Describe the roles and activities of the characters in these verses.

What is the point 9:8? What is the problem of the old system according to verses 9:9-10?

Try to summarise the passage in one sentence.

How does this passage change your view of God?

How does this passage help you appreciate Jesus?

What is the big thing that applies to you from the study.

Pray and ask for God’s help in responding to his words.