About Us

We are an evangelical church. That is, we believe that the Bible is God’s word written and is therefore our authority in all matters of faith and conduct.

In all our activities we seek to listen to and obey God’s word in Scripture. We also aim to proclaim the Bible’s wonderful message of salvation through Christ to as many people as possible.

We stand in the tradition of the Anglican Reformers of the 16th century, affirming with them the great truths, which were reaffirmed at the time of the Reformation, such as the sovereignty of God in salvation, justification by faith alone, and salvation in Christ alone. Click here to see the 39 Articles of the Church of England. All Christians from any denomination are warmly welcome at Christ Church. We unite in Christ and not under any one denominational banner.

We understand and respect the questions, doubts and struggles people have about Christianity. We believe honest questions deserve honest answers. We understand that people struggle with “church”. We appreciate that contemporary life in London throws up enormous challenges and hurts; we don’t claim to be perfect, but we are welcoming people.